iPod Running

I love music. A lot. I’ve never taken to running with earphones on though. When I’m in nature, I like to BE in nature. When I’m running on the sidewalk, I like to BE alert. I want to hear if an out-of-control car comes screeching around the corner in my direction. I want a small chance of getting out of the way in time. Self-preservation is good.

While I’m not for running with music blaring in my ears, I do love blending music into my daily routine. Depending on my mood, what music I listen to changes. My selection for my training might be odd at times: rock while practicing yoga, or strength training to 80’s love songs. Please don’t judge me by my sources of inspiration! I think it was Tori Amos that said she would sooner reveal the people she had slept with than reveal where she draws her inspiration from for her music. Understood.

A while ago I was introduced to The XX while doing a workout at Phoenix Wellness Studio. Interestingly, the song was called “Intro”. And what a great intro it was. When I was given two of their albums, I put it on repeat on my iPod and listened to it driving, working, doing yoga, washing dishes.

Then came the day that the only thing I’d not yet done listening to The XX, was run. It was one of those days when I just wasn’t motivated to go outside and exert myself. You know those days, don’t you?

As a last resort, I put on my headset, iPod in my pocket. I started walking down the street as I pushed play on “Intro”. Ah, that beautiful sound echoed at the centre of my being. My mindset changed, and so did my pace. Before I knew it I was charging up my first hill, completely in “the zone”. I got it. All those zoned out runners with their headsets on – completely oblivious of running in front of speeding vehicles – now made sense to me. Who cares if you get knocked over, as long as the soundtrack is good!

It was a good run. No, it was a great run!

Even though I now understand iPod running, I haven’t joined them. Well, not completely. I do randomly run around the reservoir with my headphones on when my motivation is low. But this is a relatively safe environment. Here my biggest running risk is being attacked by a protective mother Egyptian Goose. Um, yes, this has actually happened to me…

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