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Yoga embraces all elements of movement, whether its focusing on flexibility, strength, rhythm or flow, using the the breath to connect mind and body, creating a beautiful state of balance and calm. By incorporating a regular yoga practice into your daily routine, you’ll raise your energy levels and ability to deal with life’s stresses.

Yoga Flow - Online

An online group session where we explore our regular yoga practice and discuss areas in our practice that might need a little tweaking or guidance. A great compliment to our on-demand yoga classes, giving you personalised feedback and advice. All welcome.

Private Coaching - Online

Book a private online yoga or mindful eating coaching session with Bronwen where she’ll create a unique yoga or mindful eating programme designed specifically to your needs, offering you personalised guidance and motivation. All welcome.



Rest and regeneration are as important as exercise and movement. Breathing exercises can assist this healing process. What and how we eat also affects our energy levels and our body’s ability to heal itself. Nourishing yourself physically and energetically is vital to your health.

Rhythmic Eating - Online

A group session where we explore food, food energetics, ayurveda, mindful eating, rhythmic eating and various other eating topics. A great compliment to one of our Rhythmic / Mindful Eating courses. Perfect for those wishing to improve their relationship to food and eating. All welcome.

Flowing Breath - Online

An online session where you are guided through a sequence of breathing exercises (pranayama) to assist with calming the mind and balancing the flow of energy within the body. Perfect for rebalancing and refocusing. All welcome.

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