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"Dance with the waves, move with the sea, let the rhythm of the water set your soul free..." - Christy Ann Martine
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Who we are…

Our passion is the ocean and creative movement… that is what makes us happy! Water, movement and creativity are essential to life. Our passion for surfing and yoga is woven into all that we do. And water, as it does on our beautiful planet, connects it all. We allow the energy and waves of water to flow through everything and, in gratitude, return the energy back into our water and oceans.

What makes you Happy?

When we’re happy, we need less from our environment and we have more to give back to it and those around us. A massive reason for the deterioration of our planet is our consumption – consumption of food, products, experiences… We keep wanting more to satisfy a deep constant craving that is never fulfilled. But what if we were happy? What if we did what made us happy? Or even more crazy, what if we just chose to be happy? Would we still need to consume as much?

Moving to the Ocean Rhythm…


Online and live courses, to guide you to your happy place…


Immerse yourself into a retreat of surfing, yoga… and happiness!


Links to books to inspire you to find your rhythm and flow…

Heal yourself; Heal our Earth

“When we have transformed the inner scene,
the outer one can be restored to order.” – Theodor Schwenk

The Rhythm of Water

The word “rhythm” is derived from the Greek verb “to flow”. And water does indeed flow rhythmically. This can be seen in the rhythmic pattern of waves and meandering watercourses, just as it can be heard in the audible rhythms of brooks and oceans… water is the primary organ of rhythm, the heart of nature, the element in which we can discern nature’s heartbeat.” – Theodor Schwenk

Online Courses

We have a collection of resources and courses to help you find your happiness. If you’ve found your happy place, we have more resources to help you to help others and our environment find happiness. Because our passion is surfing and yoga (that’s what makes us happy) it flows through everything we do.




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Go with the Flow

Through surfing, yoga, and movement on earth, we honour our source – water – and our original movement. We allow the flow to continue, through us and around us, allowing the continuous evolution of our body, mind and spirit. To remain fluid is to be alive. Water is life. We need to remain connected to our source…